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tv   Concord Through Time  CSPAN  September 16, 2017 12:41pm-12:48pm EDT

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what do you dream about at night? in the laboratory we have determined in reno from very different ways of isolating what is going on in their brain and octopus can dream of a delicious fish we don't know for sure that they dream but i am sure the animals have thoughts and feelings. it is a dangerous fallacy to believe that they don't. .
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>> my mom always talked about wanting to write a book and she had a lot of memories about concord but she would share frequently her family has been there three generations. she was the third and with an ongoing interest a matter where we lived so i have done a book similar to this previously on franklin and the publisher created new company and they contacted me to do another book. and i could choose the area if it was not chosen so i asked of concord was available because i knew when lot -- my mom would love to do that and we could
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collaborate together. >> we looked at the progression of concord's ability to move forward and looking back it was like deja vu it was a city that seem to be very embracing i lived in several areas so i got to know many of the neighborhoods they are cordial and want to help this is what it was like in concord means peace and that
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says it all because there were peaceful things going:. >> if you hear stories that surprised you or that she never told you before?. >> more information as we did a lot of research. with the story behind the story that there's only one active quarry over 100 that were active in her day so i did not give the quarry is a lot of thought but to find out it is not just in concord but all over the country including washington d.c..
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>> through the war the granite quarries were connected with of military. >> we didn't know anything about that. >> some of those industries took on responsibilities and to get things done that nobody ever thought about. and we can make a contribution and they did. >> and of railroads station that i had never seen but was replaced by an urban renewal project today people
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still talk about the loss of that building which was just beautiful. with a brick and marble with marble floors and copper trim and imus the whole trade era and that was a busy time and that changed the focus but talking about how that change in her lifetime in the way that the city worked in to radiate out from there and that is no longer the center of the universe and concord anymore
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>> this is the first book and we took a lot of the pitchers with a feeling of completeness to put something together to give back . >> thinks for agreeing to show was around so people of not then your what do they need to know about concorde new hampshire?. >> the state capital, in the southern central part of the state with 60,000 people. read on the banks of the merrimack river and usually the headquarters for presidential campaigns every four years.


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